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Who: Everyone!
Where: The pool of course
When: Early July
Warnings: There may or may not be bikini hijinks idk

Rene had spent all that time cleaning the pool up, and the weather was so HOT, she felt like it was high time to invite everyone around to have a good time.

While doing everyone's laundry she had gathered a fair idea of who had what clothes, so she had made bathing suits for the people she figured didn't have any. That way everyone could participate!

She smiled as she relaxed at the pool's edge. The invitation had gone out to everybody, but even if nobody came, swimming was always fun.
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Who: Cyrus and YOU!

What: Study!

Where: what passes for a library

When: Mid-June

Cyrus's efforts to salvage the library from the old school hadn't been completely in vain. Some books had somehow appeared in their new location, and that had been a small comfort to him. Their knowledge could continue.

But preservation of knowledge was nothing without education, and Cyrus knew just how to draw attention to it.

His reputation was one of strictness, of rigidity, of being unbending no matter the circumstance. So he would draw on the theory that self-direction led to greater advancement. It was a foolish theory to apply en masse, that much he knew for sure, but if it could change what others thought of him and thus permit him to influence them to his side, he would bear it for the time being.

So he advertised the event in advance and set up tables with writing implements and paper, and waited for people to arrive.
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Who: YOU ..and probably your friends because it's more fun to play with friends.
What: "Memory bubbles" have been sprouting up everywhere. You may or may not be experiencing reliving a particularly emotional moment in your life right before your eyes. Or maybe someone else's...
Where: All around the island.
When: Now?
Warnings: W for WTF

So this was new: every now and then, here and there, brief moments in people's lives have magically appeared as a sort of misty projection and then disappeared like a puff of smoke; as if someone was showing you movie clips of memories from your and your friends' lives. Why or how this was happening is anybody's guess.

Some people have stumbled upon playback of a particularly rough memory from their childhood right before their eyes. They always seem to be memories of great emotional importance, too, which in some circumstances could be really embarrassing depending on who was around. A scolding from a parent. A love confession gone wrong. A first kiss. Hope your current crush isn't around to see those.

Memories from the mansion seem to be the most common, but some from childhood homes and even Smash Academy pop up here and there. Even forgotten ones weren't immune to the phenomenon.

What events do you experience, and how do you react?
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Who: YOU




Warnings: *FART TRUMPET*

Ah, springtime. The flowers are blooming, the birds are singing, and the weather is warming up! It's a beautiful day to be outside!

wait wtf is that.

It LOOKS harmless enough, just floating there. It's actually kind of cute.

....And suddenly there's HUNDREDS of them. They're everywhere. They're unavoidable. You may end up touching one entirely by accident.

And that's when things get interesting.

In the middle of your dizzy stupor, you may just hear a certain imp giggling....
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Who: Articuno and YOU
What: Ice bird just made it colder. Sudden snow flurry. Go say hi!
Where: The grounds, or wherever.
When: February 27th

A large, blue bird with a long, flowing tail has perched itself on a branch or on the roof of the mansion. With its arrival comes a sudden snow flurry and gusting winds. There are no storm clouds out (well, no new ones, anyway), so where is this bizarre weather coming from? And why does it seem to circling around this strange bird?

It seems to be sitting quietly and without resolve, sullen and hardly moving. Maybe you should talk to it...
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Who: Ryzey Goldfuse and those brave enough to meet her
What: A goblin tinkerer arrives. Three guesses what happens next.
Where: The machine shop
When: Wednesday, February 15
Warnings: E for EXPLOSIONS

Okay. Okay, her latest invention probably had a few kinks to work out. Building an interdimensional portal was turning out to be a bit more art than science, but what kind of experiments didn't have a few minor setbacks here and there? Like, you know... getting stuck on the other side of a portal she opened in space and time. On the plus side, it worked! On the negative side, the portal closed before she could get back to her workshop. Great. Just great. 

A short, curvy goblin girl with wild strawberry blonde hair stood in the middle of the machine shop in the mansion. Nobody else was up at this hour of the night, which was perfect for her to get to work without interruptions. She unshouldered a bazooka on a strap, lowered a pair of goggles into place, and set to work, rummaging through the materials she could find, trying to pick out anything that could be used in her new invention. She needed to build a way to get back to Azeroth! There was money to be made! Unfortunately, despite her desire for privacy, she wasn't exactly quiet or gentle about what she was doing, tossing parts around and making quite a lot of noise, both of machinery and of cursing. 
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Who: Samarrom Earthsplitter, and YOU
What: Sam the Orc suplexes a bear
Where: Outside the mansion
When: Monday, February 13
Warnings: SM for SWEAT and MUSCLE

It was a quiet day. Or as quiet as it tended to be around the island... Which meant that it wasn't about to stay quiet for long. There came a rustling of trees near the mansion. The ground vibrated a bit too... What's going on out in the woods? It's almost like a--


A stampede of one, at least, but with a mighty roar an enormous toothy BEAR stormed out of the trees, the earth beneath its mighty feet rumbling loudly as it stormed towards the mansion. But there was something else too. A green shape clinging to the bear's back, fists tight in its fur. And it was... laughing? Before the bear could get too close to the mansion, the green figure dropped from the bear's back, gripping on to it tightly and digging its feet into the ground to drag the mighty beast to slow. When it finally had to let go, the bear decided to end it, rearing up on its hind legs, paws raised with claws extended. It let out a mighty roar, ready to maul the green skinned man.

It never got the chance.

The mighty green skinned man lunged for the bear, throwing his arms around its middle. With a heave that seemed impossible for a lesser being, the man lifted the bear right off of its legs, leaned back, and delivered a suplex that smashed a hole into the ground behind him as he drove the bear into it. The rampage ended almost as soon as it began. The green man got to his feet, and upon confirming that the bear was dead, he let out a mighty shout of triumph, throwing his fists into the air.

Then, he started to drag the carcass out of the hole. "Great! Bear meat for dinner!"
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Who: YOU and the beast.
What: Nothing good, probably.
Where: You were just in the wrong place... (The Ultra Wormholes could appear anywhere.)
When: At the wrong time. (Any point in February)
Warnings: Potential parasitism/mind control

[ The academy and Final Destination City... It had known many troubles in its time, yet with their total destruction seemed to come a more peaceful time.

Of course, there were still new arrivals now and then. Space and time would rend themselves to let a lost soul in, now and again. Some stayed, and those that did settled in nicely, making themselves at home. None with ill intentions had set foot on the floating island in a very long time.

But all good things must come to an end.

The space in front of you seems to crack open. Portals from another world may not be anything new to the mansion's inhabitants. This one carries with it a strange energy... and not long after, a strange lifeform appears in front of you.

It doesn't speak or communicate-- at least, not in any recognizable way. Two of its... limbs rub together, as if trying to warm itself.

Proceed with caution, as whatever sentience or emotion it lacks, it can tell when it is in danger...
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Who: Peach and YOU
What: Did somebody say TEA PARTY? No? Well *I* heard it. Come drink tea and chat!
Where: The dining area
When: February 1
Warnings: C for CUTE

Winter months were always dreary, especially if it meant being stuck inside to get away from the cold. Sure, some might not mind it, but others did. Luckily, there was someone around. Someone who had made it her mission to get people to smile and be happy.

That someone was Princess Peach.

Maybe you'd come for a snack, maybe you just wanted a quiet place to eat and read. Regardless, when you entered the dining hall, Peach was there, decked out in her finest, and she'd commandeered the space. There was pink everywhere. Ribbons, tablecloths, curtains, you name it. She was brewing pots of tea in elegant china, and she had plenty of blends to choose from. Plates were filled with cookies and cakes, that she'd spent hours baking herself. "Welcome!" she would greet people with a smile. "Please, come and have a seat! The party's just starting!"
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When: Dec 31st
Where: Commons

Rene hung the last of the party decorations over the door and quickly put the ladder away. The tables were set with various edibles, the curtains were crisp and ironed, the paper decorations were festive and cute, and the year was about to change.

2017 though? What a strange number. She wondered what their calendar was based on. No matter, a celebration was always a good time.
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Who: YOU
Warnings: Sloppy makeouts

Suddenly, and without warning, they appear. Tiny, innocent-looking sprigs of mistletoe, hanging from ceilings, from doorways, even some hiding in closets and bathrooms! How nice. Unless, of course, you remember what happens when the mistletoe appears.

Or you don't remember, and walk underneath one, only to find yourself stuck, with the only key to freedom being exactly what you think it is.

Smash Mansion, you can run, you can hide, but you can never escape the kisstletoes. And Flurrie.
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What: A ghostly presence is in the air, and people are disappearing...
Where: All over the mansion grounds
When: Halloween, all day
Warnings: S for SPOOPY

Those who were accustomed to trick or treating on Halloween might not have been having the best of times, but just because everyone was in a mansion together didn't mean they couldn't have fun. Some of the more fun loving inhabitants were throwing parties! Hey, Peach took any excuse to throw a party. Others might have opted for a quiet night in. But one thing was certain. Things were very quiet around the mansion.

Maybe a little too quiet...

In fact, didn't it seem like the hotel had a few less people around than usual? That's odd. Why could that be... But perhaps you noticed certain odd things happening. Eyes following you wherever you went... Paintings that seemed to move as you walked by... A cool breeze flowing through the air, even though all the doors and windows are closed... There's something here. Something... paranormal.

[[In this event, spooky ghosts are roaming the mansion, trapping people in paintings! Will your character be a victim? A rescuer? Will you attempt to befriend the ghosts? Find out what's going on? Or just go look for a party? Start a thread and find out!]]
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Who: Cyrus and YOU
What: Talking
Where: Around
When: October 8-9

Cyrus hadn't felt well lately. His forced change of heart was beginning to wear on him, and he found himself confronted more and more with the echoes of the past. The world had to change. It had to. And he had to bring it about.

This world was fresh and new, but already he could sense that it was more and more illogical to attempt to mold it into that ideal.

People had not changed.

Cyrus had not changed.

And as before, he had taken to wandering the grounds with a notebook, furiously writing down everything he thought and muttering to himself nearly constantly. Only this time he wasn't blank or expressionless, seeming more sad than anything else.

And he continued to write. Go talk to him, will you?
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Who: Mom and Dad and YOU!
What: Raking leaves, enjoying apple cider and pumpkin pie, and other fall things!
Where: The grounds, and the kitchen
Warnings: LEAVES

Time passes, seasons change, and before you know it, the entire island is covered in leaves.

Don't eat the leaves )
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Who: Ronnae and any passerby
What: Frustration venting in the form of power training
Where: Mountainous zone of main island
When: Sept 20
Warnings: Possible harsh/explicit themes

Break yourself upon the mountain! )

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Who: Gordon, Shantae, Ronnae
What: SCIENCE! And other antics.
Where: The mansion basement labs.
When: End of Summer
Warnings: Good ideas, bad ideas, non-traditional relationships, big honkin' lasers.

"Hey, could you hand me that micrometer?"

The Labs had definitely taken shape over the past few months. What once was a large empty basement was now abuzz with diodes and tracks, makeshift displays made out of old televisions and projectors. Gordon was proud of how far it had come, and he was thankful for Ronnae's help. The half-elf was startlingly brilliant.

He was thankful for Shantae being there too, but, to put it gently, that had nothing to do with helpfulness. She was a walking disaster in the lab, but she was such a lovely disaster that it was well worth cleaning up after her. Besides, she was getting better. They haven't accidentally summoned any monsters in weeks...
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Who: Sonic and Knuckles
What: Knuckles needs dating advice from an expert. Unfortunately only Sonic is available.
Where: Out in the field
When: A few days before this log.

Team Sonic spent a lot of time outdoors. Tails spent a lot of time working too, so he wasn't always available, and Sonic had Blaze, and that sometimes kept him busy. A little too busy, Knuckles mused, as more than once he'd walked by Sonic's room to hear... suspicious sounding meows coming from within. It wasn't his business.

Well, he was going to make it his business, at least today. As he threw a football for Sonic to catch outside the mansion, his mind wasn't completely on the game. It was on something else. Or rather, someone else. Rouge had been occupying his thoughts ever since the carnival. He wanted to try dating her, to be a boyfriend. To... well... do other things with her. But most important was the "trying to be a good boyfriend" part. He didn't know anyone else he trusted to ask about that subject. Sonic was the expert with women. Surely he could help Knuckles now.

...And BAM, Knuckles got hit in the head by a football for his distraction.
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Who: Knuckles and Rouge
What: A second date (or the closest thing to a date in this hellhole).
Where: On the roof of the mansion.
When: [Soon after their first date, whenever that was]
Warnings: NSFW - sexytiems

Rouge was getting antsy. She hadn't been able to stop thinking about Knuckles since they parted ways practically suffocating in hormones. She really liked what they talked about at that carnival, what they did together. She wanted more. Much more. They had agreed to meet up there on the roof sometime in the afternoon, so rather than play it casual and show up fashionably late, she perched herself up top immediately after noon in case he showed up early. Their date couldn't come soon enough for her.

She tapped her knee restlessly. She knew things would probably change between them, but she didn't care. Even if their friendship was demolished, she knew she wouldn't be able to live with herself if she didn't see this thing through. And she hadn't been with someone who seemed to care about her that much in such a long time... or if anyone had cared about her that much ever...
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Who: Cyrus, whoever else
When: Weekend of 6th/7th

A message was posted around the dorms. The only thing that would draw the eye to the unremarkable-looking pages was that they seemed to be...printed. From a printer.

Anyone reading it would find that it read thus:
I am near to establishing computer connectivity and require aid in remote connectivity testing. That said, the computer lab is now open.

It wasn't signed. It wasn't dated. But surely that wouldn't be noticeable once people read "computer".
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Who: Ronnae and whoever happen to be walking around the forest
What: Reflecting on the state of life
Where: Deep in the forest around the mansion
When: Late afternoon 7/20
Warnings: None at the moment but reflections could bring up explicit/harsh themes

Summer Introspection in the Forest... )

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